Have you prepared your sled for winter riding?

Contact us at 800-231-5991 to help make sure your snowmobile is ready for the season, so it'll be ready when you are.

Preventive maintenance goes a long way in keeping your sled in tip top condition.

System Action Why?
Carburetor Check for cleanliness* Dirty carbs can cause engine failure
Skis Review alignment Poor alignment causes drivability problems
Carbides Inspect/replace You have to be able to steer your sled
Clutches Inspect/clean if needed* Poor clutch operation hinders performance
Braking Check operation & pads You have to be able to stop your sled
Chaincase Drain & refill oil Moisture buildup can lead to chain/bearing failure
Track Review alignment and tension Poor alignment may cause premature slider wear
Suspension Inspect shocks/springs/idlers To keep your sled working like new
Lube Grease all moving parts Prevent corrosion

Pre-season service and inspection special: $99.95

Extra charge for cleaning if needed.

*Parts not included.

Yellowstone Adventures, Inc.
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West Yellowstone, MT

Service Description

Let us prepare your vehicle for winter. We add fuel STA-BILĀ® to the gas tank, fog the inside of the engine, grease the suspension and drive shaft, and spray metal protector on all of your metal engine components to fully prepare your vehicle for winter.

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