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    The following information should help you chose what snowmobile to rent. You can try a different model each day if you desire. Renting is a great way to try out different models before making a purchase. If you need help deciding, please call our staff and we will help you pick out the perfect snowmobile for your trip. Come and play in our backyard. We are 90 miles from Bozeman, Mt. and only 45 miles from Big Sky Ski Resort. Island Park, Idaho is only 15 miles from our door.

    For additional information, fill out our Contact Us form or call 1-800-231-5991.

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    Yellowstone Adventures features Ski-Doo snowmobiles.

    We offer the Rev-XM based Summit 800etec and 600etec for mountain riding, and the Renegade 600etec or 900ace for performance trail riding. We recommend the Grand Touring Sport 600ace or the MXZ Sport 600 for beginner/intermediate riders who are not looking for high performance, but want alot of bang for the buck. The models with the 600ace or the 900ace engine are approved for use in Yellowstone National Park. 

    Complete clothing package:  We have a complete clothing package available for $17.00, which includes lined snowmobile suit, insulated boots, helmet with face shield, gloves and face mask. You can also rent individual items.

    Snowmobile Rental Rates 2014/2015

    • MXZ Sport 600
      • DAILY RATE: $129.00
      • For trail riders who want the latest in snowmobile technology and refinement with truly economical trail performance. We added electric start for your convenience. 


    • Summit SP 600etec
      • DAILY RATE: $172.00
      • The mountain machine for experienced riders looking for economical performance with virtually no smoke and smell.
        SP 600 etec
      • Click here for more details.

    • Renegade 600etec / 900ace

    • Grand Touring Sport 600ace*
      • DAILY RATE: $139.00 sgl / $149.00 dbl
      • The newest in 4-stroke technology. Our most popular sled for use in Yellowstone Park.
      • Approved for use in Yellowstone Park. 

      GTS 600 14GTS 60015

    • Grand Touring Sport 900ace*
      • DAILY RATE: $159.00 sgl / $169.00 dbl
      • The newest most advanced 4-stroke technology. This new model offers clean and quiet riding at its best.
      • Approved for use in Yellowstone Park.
      • A comfortable sled built for the long haul, especially with the rMotion rear suspension. Featuring incredibly fuel-efficient engines, loads of features and plenty of room for a passenger and all your gear. Especially with the ACE 900 engine, the LE package is a showcase for clean, quiet and customizable snowmobiles.
        GT900 15
        Click here for more details.

    • Summit SP 800etec
      • DAILY RATE: $204.00
      • The mountain machine for experienced riders looking for high performance. You better hold on with this one. We do not recommend this snowmobile for beginners. The new 800 etec will allow you to go farther than ever before.
        SP 800etec
      • Click here for more details.

    *Denotes snowmobiles that will accommodate two people.

     Our Snowmobile Models - Comparison Chart

    Hand/Thumb Warmers
    Electric Start
    Double Ride Backrest
    Cargo Area
    MXZ Sport 600

    600 L/C   120"  1.0"



    Renegade 600etec/900ace

    600etec/900ace   137"  1.25"

    Grand Touring
    Sport 600ace                     

    600ace 4-stroke
                   137"  1.25"                 

    Grand Touring LE  900ace


    900ace 4-stroke
                          137"  1.0                        

    Summit SP 600etec

     146"   2.5"
    Summit SP 800etec
    154"   2.5"

    Collision Protection Schedule for the 2014/2015 Season

    Snowmobile Model Coverage Rate Deductible
    MXZ Sport 600  $15.00 per day $600.00
    Renegade 600etec
    Renegade 900ace
    $15.00 per day $800.00
    G. Touring 600ace  $15.00 per day $600.00
    G. Touring 900ace $15.00 per day $800.00
    Summit SP 600etec $15.00 per day $800.00
    Summit SP 800etec $15.00 per day $1000.00

    Any damage incurred to a snowmobile while in your possesion are the responsibility of the operator and/or renter of that snowmobile regardless of fault.

    Purchasing Collision Protection can limit your financial responsibility to the deductable amount for that model.

    Collision protection is not available to operators under the age of 21

    Rates effective Sept. 2014 and are subject to change without notice.

    For Your Information:

    • All snowmobiles are equipped with hand and thumb warmers for the driver.
    • We furnish the first tank of gas for each rental. 
    • All drivers must have a valid drivers license.
    • Overnight rentals available if rented for consecutive days      
    • There is no charge for children six (6) years of age and under.
    • We require a damage deposit of $400.00 (cash or credit card) per machine, which is refunded when the machine is returned undamaged.
    • We offer collision protection (with a deductible) to operators 21 years of age and over.
    • We advise NO double riding if combined weight exceeds 400 pounds. This is for your comfort and safety.
    • Cargo sleds are available at $35.00 per day.
    • Guided trips into the Gallatin and Targhee National Forests are available. The guide fee for this is 275.00 per day. The maximum number of snowmobiles per group is eight.
    • A $100.00 deposit is required on all clothing rentals without machine rentals.
    • A 3% resort tax will be added to all amounts excluding collision protection and guide service. A 7% accommodation/resort tax will be added to package rates.
    • A deposit will be required to secure ALL reservations. Deposit is due within fourteen (14) days of making the reservation.
    • 75% of the deposit will be retained if cancellation is made less than fourteen (14) days prior to arrival.
    • You may qualify for the following discounts:
      • $10 discount per snowmobile if complete rental is paid in full twenty-one (21) days in advance. 
      • We offer group and multi-day discounts. 
      • Discounts may not be available during peak periods.
      • Discounts do not apply to package rates and guide fees.

    Yellowstone Park Guided Tour

       We invite you to take an interpretive guided tour with Yellowstone Adventures: 

    • Our authorized guide will escort a maximum of nine (9) snowmobiles, single or double ride, per group into Yellowstone National Park.
    • Advance reservations are suggested, as space is limited.
    • Entrance fees will be: $15.00 per sled for one day or $20.00 per sled for multiple days with a maximum of seven days. The annual Park Pass, National Park Pass, Golden Age, Golden Eagle and Golden Access passes will be accepted for entrance fees.        
    • It is MANDATORY that ALL guided snowmobiles be B.A.T. appoved 4-strokes. We have three models available that meet this requirement.
    • Yellowstone National Park requires all operators to have a valid drivers license in their possession.       

    Yellowstone Adventures is an authorized sub-concessionaire of the National Park Service, permittees of the Gallatin and Targhee National Forests.

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